Perfect Wanderlust: 10 travel writers who will inspire you to explore

Recently, I have been jotting down lists and lists of blogs that I keep coming back to and every time I read each of their posts, a spark greater than before ignites in me to travel. I don’t know about you, but I become restless when I’ve been stuck in one place for too long. I don’t like it. The world is too big to not become curious about what’s in store on the other side. I am always curious. Good thing, I have these ten (10) amazing travel writers who could do just the right amount of feeding to fuel me out of bed and out the door, onto my next adventure.

Wayne Liew works hand in hand with Shook Ting in giving us the best there is. By just simply scrolling through their site and clicking a few posts here and there, I already feel nostalgic towards Malaysia.

The first time I’ve stumbled upon his Facebook page, I was scrolling, clicking, scrolling and clicking. The next thing I know, my window is filled with tabs from his posts! I love how he teases a little bit and then heads to the topic straight on. No filters needed, Trent is certainly transparent with his travel experiences.

Last night (or morning), I slept around 5 AM because I just couldn’t get enough of her! Another honest travel writer that I love, Trish presents fresh ideas about traveling, what it’s like to travel; helpful tips and advises on how to travel cheap, promote your blog site; and being in a relationship whilst traveling.  So much for the love of her posts, I’ve sent her link to my mom as well! 

I’ve been loving this duo ever since that hardcore climb to Hua Shan, China! No explanations needed, they’re truly what you need for that spark of adventure you’ve been wanting but just haven’t done yet.

Another duo that I love, love, love! I met Chelsea and Kinsey when they followed me on Twitter a couple of days ago. Since then, I have been following their posts… and videos! Heck yes, they have a video version and some of those that didn’t make the cut, are presented into writing. Basically hitting two birds in one, you get a visual diary and a written journal. Love, love, love.

This guy hits me deep in the heart for all the right reasons. I always find his posts so genuine and full of passion. He got me started with his post about Bali. From there, I read about how he would rather choose the memories over an expensive and luxurious accommodation during his trip, how he met Sabai from Laos, and how being defined as a tourist or a traveler is not a big deal as long as you cherish all the wonderful moments you have to wherever you’re traveling to. Good job, Dan. Can’t be more proud to say that I’m an avid reader of your works.

I couldn’t agree more with her when she said, “Spontaneous decisions are the best”. Even more, when she mentioned that we she should “think big and to think small” on why we should have goals.

Stacy truly lives up to her name. I can’t help but be so fascinated and amused by her posts: when she Googled herself, getting drunk by simply inhaling alcoholic mixtures, everything about Italy, and more!!!!

When Uelito tweeted me about how he loved my answers to the Liebster Award I was nominated in and wished me all the best, I secretly (not so secret anymore) stalked his site and read his posts. No regrets here! I totally admire how informative, real and fun reading his travels are, especially with how “crazy Bangkok caught” his heart.

Sonal’s 8 Things To Check Before Picking A Travel Buddy would always, always be my first love.

Well, that’s ten (10) of the some awesome, witty and honest travel writers that I know and love. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and don’t forget to subscribe to theirs too! But please, do come back here :P

Paalam! J