The Greatest Waterpark In The World

Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi
Yas Waterworld, located at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is dubbed as the “greatest waterpark in the world”. It is a blessing that my wish of being able to experience all the juicy and wild rides here in Yas Waterworld has been granted by my very own genies – my parents. Nonetheless, my 17th birthday wish has been nothing but exceptionalHere I am, writing this because I would like to partake to you another one of my most memorable experiences. 
Inside Yas Waterworld with Jean

An entire day of running around barefoot, laughing at the most nerve-wrecking rides and posing around to capture the beautiful moments.
Yas Waterworld Go-To Map
The waterpark has four (4) “thrill levels” as they call it – Adrenaline Rush, Exciting Adventure, Moving and Grooving and Young Fun. Each of this thrill level caters specifically to an individual’s

Pre-loaded wristbands
Upon entrance, Yas Waterworld has a very spacious parking. I suggest that you go here during the weekends, specifically Saturday, as to avoid huge crowds and be able to savor ride after ride without having to wait in line for so long. Food and drinks are not allowed inside, since there are a lot of food stalls and restaurants to choose from in the waterpark. Once you have paid for your entrance ticket, you will be issued a wristband (which you have to wear all the time) that serves as your pass for the day. Your wristband may also serve as your cash. Depending on how much you will be paying, extra load or cash is transferred to your wristband. You may use this to buy drinks and food inside. There will be extra charges if you wish to avail of their locker or private cabana.

For each of the four (4) “thrill ride”, I will be listing down my top favorites, starting with Young Fun up to Adrenaline Rush.

After changing to our swimsuits, we were so excited and staying dry is definitely not part of the plan. For my Young Fun favorite, it is Marah Fortress that tops my list.
Young Fun: Marah Fortress
  • Marah Fortress is the biggest playground for kids. It has slides, water sprays, buckets loaded with water and rope bridges. These buckets are surprisingly very fun to play around with. Yes, the idea of getting dumped by a huge amount of water on our heads is fun. I, and a couple of kids, stood around parallel to the buckets. Finally, after minutes of waiting, the time has come and cold water poured on us! We rush towards the “safe zone” laughing and then going back underneath the buckets again, waiting. As for the slides, I would love to try all of them but the lifeguard informed me that it is ONLY for kids. I thought I would be able to trick him into letting me try it because of my height (Yes, I’m short. But sadly, no, he didn’t let me. Ok then, maybe some other time HAHAH Kidding).

In the Moving and Grooving category, two (2) of my favorites are Amwaj and Al Raha River.
Moving and Grooving: Amwaj
  •  Amwaj is a beach-like pool wherein you can enjoy waves lapping at regular intervals.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a serene ride, I strongly recommend that you try the Al Raha River. Also known as the “lazy river”, it is the perfect ride to chill. Living up to its name, I almost fell asleep while lying down on my donut, letting the calm water bring me to shore as I enjoy the heat of the sun and the cool breeze.

Exciting Adventure: Serpent Spin, Slither Alley, Slither's Surprise and Snake's Tail
Close up view: Snake Ring Rides
As for the Exciting Adventure, I remember almost crying inside one of the rides because I was so scared. For this category, they have 4 snake ring rides namely: Serpent Spin, Slither Alley, Slither’s Surprise and Snake’s Tail. I was such a daredevil that although I am very terrified of snakes, I summed up all the courage to try at least one of these four (4) rides. I apologize, as I can’t remember which one of the four (4) it is that I tried. But it is for you to find out, I guess, so read on. My friend, Jean, and I carried our quite heavy donuts up the long path of stairs. Once we have reached the top, Jean and I quickly chose our individual snakes to go in to. We placed our donuts on the gushing water before we were pushed inside. The ride was fast at first and dark. There were a lot of twists and turns until I felt myself being plunged into a deep circle. Suddenly, everything slowed down, coupled with smoke and hissing sounds. I tried to adjust my eyes to the darkness to calm myself, but failed. Thoughts, terrifying snake thoughts, crept into my mind. I was so scared that I just shut my eyes close, nearing to tears. Finally, I was thrown into the pool. I opened my eyes and saw Jean on the other end. Realizing that the ride was over, I couldn’t help but just laugh. It was one hell of a ride, and although I would not want to try it again, I recommend this to all other brave souls out there.
Exciting Adventure: Bandit Bomber
  •  The next one in this category is Bandit Bomber. It is the only suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East located inside a waterpark! Bandit Bomber takes you slowly upward and goes down in an amazing speed. While strapped to your seat, you will also be taken to stations where people from below will shoot you with water guns. Jean and I were so fascinated with Bandit Bomber that we rode it four (4) times.
Lastly, we have Adrenaline Rush. There are six (6) rides in this category and three (3) of them are my favorite (mostly because the others were out of service at that time).
Adrenaline Rush: Hamlool's Humps (Blue)
  •  Let us start with Liwa Loop. For three (3) seconds, you wait inside a tube-like glass until the floor drops beneath and you are sent into a series of twists, turns and downs. It is one of the most breathtaking rides I have ever ridden here at Yas Waterworld! Just don’t forget to rest your back, arms crossed over your chest and most of all, don’t panic!
  • Next is Hamlool’s Humps. At first it looks just one short ride down, but it is actually not! It has three (3) massive humps that slow you down (just a little).
  • Adrenaline Rush: Jebel Drop (Green)
    For the finale, my top 1 on the list of all the Yas Waterworld rides, is (drum roll) Jebel Drop! From afar, it is not as scary as Hamlool’s Humps look, but wait until you get to experience it for yourself. It is one straight-down ride where the person-in-charge calmly informs you to just keep your arms crossed ALL THE TIME, NO MATTER WHAT and to NEVER LIFT YOUR HEAD UP before pushing you to the scariest, longest and best time of your life. Trust me, you should take his instructions seriously because this ride truly lives up to its extreme rating (oh and once again, don’t panic!)
Bonus: Man-made surfing spot!
Overall rating? I give Yas Waterworld an 11 out of 10. Yes, 11 out of 10! Unlike other waterparks I have been to before, Yas Waterworld really have a lot of surprises in store for you – and that is from the very moment you get your wristband with pre-loaded cash. Food stalls inside the waterpark are reasonably priced and absolutely delicious! (Note: Try their Turkish Delights, it is amazing!) As for the rides, it leaves me utterly speechless. No ride will leave you unsatisfied. Each one just makes you crave for even more. To top it all, I shall not forget to commend the amazing staff as well! Such smiling faces and very friendly too!

In conclusion, I am indeed a happy kid to be able to spend my post-17th birthday celebration at Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi. Late celebration, yes, but it is always better to be late than never!
Yas Waterworld: Closing time
Thank you Yas Waterworld and of course to my parents and Jean, for giving me an awfully one-of-a-kind and fantastic birthday celebration. This day really marked a very memorable one for me (and I hope for you guys as well!). I am looking forward to more exciting adrenaline rush adventures to share with you all! Thank you!

Mom and I