One Voice Memo at a Time - 020815

I know it's late to post this now, but I just want to share with you a little part of my thoughts. This write up was inspired right after I watched Nicholas Sparks' book inspired movie, Best of Me.

"At some point in our lives, we wanted something – anything. We hold on to that something and believe that one day it will be ours. The road along the way may get rocky, but if that is the destination for us, then it will be.

I have always wanted to be with someone I can share my passion with, someone who will be willing to go great lengths just to be with me, and someone who is different from the rest. What I mean by the rest is, a man who is respectful of my values and the people I love, honest enough to tell me the truth even if it hurts my ego, responsible enough to not let me do anything reckless, patient enough to wait until the time is right; a man who can make me laugh even if I am furious and downhearted, sincere and interested in the stories that I have to tell and a man who will always put God first before anything else.

This generation is so messed up that people does not want labels and commitment anymore. Dates have become bridges to get someone to bed instead of picking the girl up from her house, having meaningful conversations and dropping her home.

Friendship they say is the best foundation two can have in a relationship. I still believe in that. When you are comfortable with someone and you can tell that person anything random that comes to your mind, and still love you, I think that is the best kind of relationship anyone can have.

Waiting is hard. I hate waiting. But that is part of the process. Without it you would not understand the true meaning of loving someone and there would be no value, no holding you back when you want to give up and say, “I’m done”.

We all want something that lasts not just for a day. There may be a lot of stops and humps ahead, but if that path is where you should be going, then that is where you should head. Don’t stop and most definitely, don’t quit. Because out of millions, there is someone out there who will truly stand out. He will be out there. For the meantime, focus on improving yourself. Learn to love who you are, accept your flaws and embrace your highs and lows. You may not believe in destiny, but everything really does happen for a reason."

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