Paris: "Mon Amour"

Mon Amour (adv.)
A French word that translates to "My Love" in English

Knowing that we only have just four (4) more days left in Paris is heartbreaking. I'm not exaggerating. Trust me, it is true.

If you have read my previous post about our trip to Paris (LinkParis: Falling in Love with the "City of Light"), this is the continuation of our 8-day trip. 

These few days left in Paris has been nothing but pure fun, infinite adventure and sheer desire to stay longer.

As Mr. Victor Hugo has put it, "Respirer Paris, cela conserve l'âme" - "Breathe Paris, it preserves the soul"


This day was unlike any other.

Mobilis, our day-pass ticket to the RER express train C going to Versailles, a city of Yvelines and an Île-de-France region of France, we are now headed to see the Château de Versailles (in English, Palace  of Versailles).

The Château de Versailles boasts both its château (palace) and jardin (garden)

Inside the château there are various paintings and showcases of intricate furnitures used in the old times. Featuring the Grands appartements, namely: 1) Grand appartement du roi, dedicated to the then known planets and their Roman deity association and 2) Grand appartement de la reine, preserved for the three (3) queens of France: Marie- Thérèse d'Autriche (wife of Louis XIV), Marie Leczinska (wife of Louis XV) and Marie- Antoinette (wife of Louis XVI).

The details of each room is strikingly beautiful. I personally don't take into interest tours of these kind, but I absolutely loved the château! I honestly stopped listening to the guide speaking on our ear-sets and focused instead on taking as much pictures and videos as I can. 

Château de Versailles
Coat - Forever 21
Bag - EGG
Pants - Mango
Boots - Anne Klein

Church inside the Château de Versailles

Detailed artworks and furniture

The jardin was another. It was vast, VAST! Imagine an entire village, or even bigger, the jardin is that huge! Oh, and cold too. It was 6 degrees Celsius when we checked. But as per the news, "it feels like 2 degrees Celsius". Phew, good thing I am dressed appropriately this time. 

Inside the Jardin de Versailles

Panoramic view of the so-called lake 


Hooraaaaaay for free day! I could not express how happy we all are for free days!

Being known for the best places to buy souvenirs, we rode the Metro to Anvers going to Sacré- Coeur ("Sacred Heart") and took the bus to Cathédrale Notre Dame.

TOP TIP: When visiting Cathédrale Notre Dame, look for the Point Zero or the Kilometer Zero. It is considered as the official center of Paris and marks the exact spot of all the distances in France to which they are measured. 
Coming to Paris, I was reading Anna and the French Kiss and quoting from the book itself, "It’s the beginning of everything. Welcome to Paris, Anna. I’m glad you’ve come.” 
Why not eh? Go on then.

Standing on Point Zero after I have made my wish
Shoes - Suite Blanco

Here at Notre Dame we also discovered a very unusual (at least for us) toilette that automatically washes itself after every use. Plus, it is free! All you have to do is patiently wait outside while it cleans and readies itself for the next user. My friends and I can't help but feel amused. We wanted to take it home with us. Heh.

After Cathédrale Notre Dame, we headed to Galeries Lafayette for shopping! Yes, shopping.

It was around 7-ish in the evening when we decided to go back to our hotel. Clutching to our shopping bags, it was time to bid our wallets good night.

Walking distance from the hotel wearing:
Coat - Suite Blanco
Leggings - Jennyfer
Boots - Suite Blanco

Graffiti at street Rue Des Trois Bornes
Glasses - H&M


Leaving our hotel early in the morning, we decided to explore the outskirts of Paris. 

For our next destination, we are off to La Vallée Village, Marne-la-Vallee, a few minutes away from Disneyland.

La Vallée is an outlet shopping destination in France, to which we just discovered from our other classmates. All items here are branded. But don't fret! I am a living proof that coming here with just 300 euros will not be a waste. With that money in hand, I was able to buy my parents and myself items from Ralph Lauren, Michael Korrs, H&M, Cath Kidston, and more! But of course, if you would like to shop more than just a handful, I strongly recommend you to bring more. 

Some of my other favorite brands that can be found at La Vallée are: Jimmy Choo, Céline, Givenchy, Burberry, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Sonia Rykiel, Versace and a lot more. So if you love shopping as much as we do, and if you are looking for French brands to bring back home, this place is heaven to you. 

La Vallée Village, Marne-la-Vallee
Pants - Stradivarius
Boots - Anne Klein

Strolling back at Champs- Élysées, I just could not resist the urge to not buy a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy from Disney. From 15 euros, it dropped to 11. He is now named Parmentier


Noooo!!! Can I skip this part instead? Please? 


Blink. Blink. 

Ok. Fine (sigh). I guess this is it.

You know that feeling you get when you wish you could just hit the replay button and start all over again? If there was even such a thing, this day would be the perfect time to put it to good use. 

Paris has been such a blessing and even if eight (8) was definitely NOT enough, I am thankful to be given the chance to experience this beloved country for myself. I would not trade this for anything else in the world, even if it was a million dollars. Why? Because experiences itself are priceless. The happiness that you feel when you visit places is and will always be irreplaceable. Through traveling, you get a lot of mixed feelings that books cannot ever offer. If given the chance to come back I would, without hesitation, grab it. 

Paris is a country full of surprises. It is the best of both worlds - the hot and the cold, the rich and the poor, the city and the suburbs.

As Aubrey Hepburn have said, "Paris is always a good idea"

Indeed it is.

"In ten years, you won't remember the money. You will remember the experience" (Source:

So next time somebody offers you a chance to explore the beauty of this world we live in, grab it like there's no tomorrow. Release that inner curiosity within you. Stay hungry for adventure. See the world. Travel.

With that in line, au revoir. À bientôt! 

Love Lock Bridge at Pont Neuf

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