Downtown Dubai in Style

I arrived in Dubai at 2300 (11:00 PM). Though having just a few hours of rest, and more of eating and watching inflight movies, I was hyped with stories once I met up with my family at the airport. Catching up with the exciting things that we have missed for the past months (coupled with a lot of singing in the car), was so much fun.

The next morning, I woke up early to have breakfast and got ready for the day’s agenda. We headed to Shakespeare and Co., Jumeirah branch. Little do I know what was really expecting for me at Shakespeare, I was thrilled to see my elementary and high school friends, and relatives. There were post-birthday presents, a bouquet of delightful Ferrero Rocher, and a cake!

So, I thought that was it! But then I was asked to leave Shakespeare “for a while”, my friends forcing me to the take the exit from the other side of the building. Walking out, I could see a very long red car parked on the street. Once my brain has quickly deciphered what it was, I couldn’t hide the bliss from my face.

Ever since I was thirteen (13), I have always dreamt of riding in this shiny, luxurious, pretty thing. Now, here it was, winking its beautiful headlights at me wink wink.

Dubai Exotic Limo F150 was amazing! With free drinks inside, a pole, and music area, you would not think twice about dancing. It was spacious, the seats were comfortable and the music was blaring with awesome beats! Plus, spending this time with my family and friends made it even more perfect. This has completely exceeded my expectations.

I didn’t ask for a lot on my 18th birthday but to be with my loved ones, but I got more than just that and Dubai Exotic Limo was one of those that made my celebration more special and memorable. Shukran Jazeelan! Thank you very much, Paalam! J

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