One with nature: Emirates Park Resort

Just before I leave Dubai, my parents and I have decided to do a little nature camping. We were supposed to leave for Mussandam, Oman, but things got a little messy on the way so we cancelled it. Good thing, Emirates Park Resort flew in to the rescue just in time to save our holiday getaway.

Emirates Park Resort, located at Abu Dhabi, is over an hour drive from Dubai. On the road, it was a little foggy so it is important to keep your headlights and speed at check. We arrived at the resort a couple of hours ahead of our checked in time.

Once we have stepped foot at the resort, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. They were all smiling and accommodated us with genuine hospitality. While waiting for our room to be ready, we roamed around the resort for a while. Just outside the resort, there were wildlife animals that you can interact with, either directly or through a glass window. Being such an animal lover, I was already enjoying our stay at the resort even without being showed to our room yet.

As soon as our room was ready, our butler, while chitchatting with us a little about the resort and things to expect, escorted us. The moment we were showed where our room was, I was so fascinated. The view of our room was overlooking a lot of animals such as giraffes, zebras, and so much more! It was breathtakiiiing!

Our room was so big, considering the amount of money we paid was not as expensive as you would be paying for a usual resort. We have our own kitchen, living room area, bedroom and bathroom. There was free Wi-Fi and food service may be called through the telephone provided in the room. But that’s not it! Yes, there’s definitely more. If ever you would like to just hang outside and take in every beautiful thing this resort has to offer, our room was just perfect for that. Why? Just outside our room, we have our very own veranda. There were chairs and a table to relax in. Ahhhh. Truly beautiful indeed.

Before it turns dark and the zoo closes, we set our bags in the room and headed out. In case you were wondering, Emirates Park Resort comes in with a zoo. Inside the zoo, there were stalls where you could buy grass to feed the animals. There were sections for reptiles (which I didn’t go in because I was too scared of snakes except for one time when we were on our way back to the room and there was a shortcut from there. Which I got so scared because I thought something touched my leg and immediately ran outside back to the zoo HAHAHA). Anyway, the zoo was huge! Along the way, we met a Filipino who was working at the zoo. He let me feed the goats with baby bottles and milk, while I got my fingers sucked and licked on instead. HAHA.

*Oops, photobomber alert! Hehe :P 

Few hours before my flight, the next day, we got ready for check out. It was so sad because I didn’t want to leave just yet. I grew so fond of the animals, the people and the food! Oh how I almost missed out the food. Staying in Dubai is not complete without kebab and shawarma. We didn’t have shawarma though, but the kebab was just as delicious.

As much as I want to stay longer, I have a plane to catch! Emirates Park Resort was indeed our holiday getaway savior. Shukran (“thank you”), my love. You have been such a memorable stay with breathtaking views that only Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Stay in touch for more of my Abu Dhabi adventures! Until next time, Paalam! :) 
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