My Perfect Term Break Getaway

This term break, my friends (Clark and Kim) and I decided to venture to Laguna - a place I have been dying to go to ever since I heard about Nuvali. We were scheduled to leave Taft around 7:30 in the evening after Kim’s training. However by 6 PM, it started to rain from moderately to hard. By 8 PM, Clark was already starting to worry since the last bus going to Laguna will leave around 9. Good thing, we found a way to reach the bus station just few minutes before the bus left. Proves just how no matter what the weather condition may be, this getaway is meant to be ours. 

With this, my friends, is the start of our wonderful journey to Laguna.

We rode the BBL Trans to Balibago from the bus station at Buendia area. The fare costs Php 61 but since we’re students, we paid Php 49 only. Traveling time from the bus station to Laguna lasted for less than an hour. There was only very minimal traffic. Kim took this time to nap; while Clark and I simply treasured every moment we had while on the road.

Once we reached Laguna, we took the tricycle to Paseo for Php 20. The tricycle can accommodate seven (7) persons - three (3) in front, two (2) at the back, and two (2) on the driver’s seat.

As we arrived at Paseo, I can no longer contain my kiddish feels inside. Bit my bit, I released everything. I ran free, inhaled the fresh air and captured every moment I have with my friends.

Clark’s older brother picked us up from Paseo. We decided to stop by at Nuvali to grab some coffee at Starbucks. I got my usual drink – Tiramisu Frappuccino. We sat outside, played some music and enjoyed each other’s company. You know what I like best about going to places with friends? Being spontaneous. We didn’t plan to go to Starbucks and to stay there until 1 in the morning, but we did. There were light raindrops, but we didn’t mind at all. As long we have each other; sipping our coffee and singing the peaceful night away is already beyond perfect.

The following day, Clark’s mom cooked breakfast for us. It was a very delicious Bistek with hot Milo on the side. Our breakfast table overlooked the view outside, as rain poured. This was one of those days when I truly missed having someone to cook breakfast for me. Living in Taft, alone, is honestly one of the easiest yet hardest ways to learn how to be independent. After breakfast, Clark and I dropped Kim off to the bus station as he has to be at his training by 4 PM. While waiting for Kim to return from his training, Clark and I went to Wallmart. I bought a coke-flavored lip balm from Watsons and Clark treated himself to a new iPhone case. There were budget-friendly shops and also food stalls (perfect!) inside the mall. We walked around for a bit, while eating our hotdog-on-stick.

Clark’s dad treated us at Ryuma, a Japanese Restaurant at Paseo, for dinner. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted in Japanese and led us to our seat. There was a separate dining area for smokers and non-smokers; and small stage by the smoker’s area was set-up for the performers. They sang a couple of modern and classic songs as we slightly swayed with the music. The uniform of the staff beautifully jived with Ryuma’s theme which was almost like Japan's Cherry Blossom to me. With this, I was definitely amazed by the restaurant’s aura.

A few minutes after our order was made, we were served with the appetizer. It was bits and pieces of an octopus. I admit, I do not usually eat anything that is not chicken or beef but this one was very delicious. I would have asked for more, but I saved my tummy for the other foods that are yet to come. While eating, we were approached by the performers. They asked if we would like them to sing a couple of songs for us. I requested Heaven by Bryan Adams. The performers were a woman, and three (3) other older men who played the guitar. All four (4) of them literally took my breath away. I was almost teary-eyed even before they finished the second song that we requested, because they reminded me of my dad and I every time we sing in front of many people.

This, I can say, has made my entire stay at Laguna very memorable indeed.

Iced tea was served to our table and it took me by surprise that it tasted very plain. But then this is authentic Japanese iced tea, they say. One of my favorite fruits is banana, so I decided to order a banana smoothie. It was heavenly. The richness of the banana and its sweetness was beautifully blended into the smoothie. Their maki was also very delicious. It was generously served with just the right amount of crunchiness and flavor. Lastly, we were given our complimentary dessert – Buko Pandan. I have tasted many mouthwatering Buko Pandan before, but this, this was THE BEST. I would not think twice about coming back here at Ryuma Restaurant.

Kim, Clark and I spent our last night roaming around Nuvali. We bought drinks from Starbucks – this time I ordered their new beverage, Banana Raspberry Frappuccino. The surroundings were calm; the wind was cool; the streets were clean; and coming here with friends made everything even better. This night made me wish I could stay here forever.

We left early the next day, so that we would not be stuck in traffic. 

Besides the heat and the continuous rain, I learnt that every city, every province, every place is a gem as long as we know how to treasure and to appreciate its natural beauty. With that, Laguna will always have a special place in my heart for its clean, safe, relaxed and friendly environment; also for the warm welcome that I have received from a family that I am very thankful for.

Once again:
Thank you, Kim, Clark and to Clark's family, for completing my term break. 
It has been a meaningful and relaxing three (3) days and I could not wait to come back!